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BC Medical Quality Initiative - Privileging Dictionaries

February 14, 2017

Privileging dictionary review process
More than 300 BC medical professionals and specialty experts developed the original 62 privileging dictionaries over 3 years.

Changes to the dictionaries will occur in an iterative process, as part of a structured review and refresh of each dictionary’s content. The first cycle of review and refresh will commence in November 2016, and is prioritized in four waves of review


BCCSS Board Members Appointed

January 24, 2017

Five new Directors have been appointed to the BC Clinical Support Services (BCCSS) Society Board.  The new Directors join current members Rick Roger (Chair), Lynn Stevenson (Vice Chair), and Sabine Feulgen.


Pan-Canadian Quality Assurance Recommendations

November 16, 2016

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC) in collaboration with the Canadian Association of Pathologists have released Pan-Canadian Quality Assurance Recommendations for Interpretive Pathology.